Hi TFO team. It's a good note to share with everyone. The first visit to TFO impressed me a lot last weekend. Simple reason - the collections you have for kids, amazing. I have never seen a store with a variety of selections. Forget about price, quality and service, it's glad to buy many stuff under one roof specially for kids and babies. Excellent & keep it up. It's my personal experience

Great job with the halt in use of plastic bags and switching to more environmentally friendly cloth bags.. I thank you for this great investment in our environment.``

It had a very nice collection of garments. Very affordable ones too. Purchased a couple of dresses. Worth a visit

TFO generally has a nice selection of clothes for ladies, gents & Children. I generally go there when they have promotions on credit cards. The quality of the products are pretty good as well

If you around and love shopping in budget, do visit the factory outlet, you get the value for money products

Prices were awesome

Mubarak Elyas

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Fantastic Collection!! I prefer to come soon for another round of shopping from Jeddah

This Place is Awesome…!!!``

Nice Clothes, Active Staff, Good Service…

Great Store! You’ll had exactly what I was looking for…

Reasonable Prices, We are all satisfied…

A wonderful shopping store…