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The Factory Outlet opened in 2011 with their showroom in Havelock Town and swiftly expanded its locations to Mount Lavinia, then Pelawatta, bringing affordable fashion to the masses.TFO now opens its doors once again at its 4th store in Ja-Ela within the premises of K-ZONE which is also home to a mélange of other stores as well as a food court where visitors can relax and enjoy a casual meal. The latest store was opened after identifying the trending patterns and designs of the residents within the Colombo to Negombo areas and thereby striving to exactly match their needs. At TFO shoppers can enjoy a hassle free experience, as the stores have been built in easily accessible locations. The interior is spaciously laid-out to a white colour theme, giving an airy uncluttered ambience that allows customers to do plenty of relaxed shopping.

Mr. Asif Iqbal (Director)
Mr. Asif Iqbal (Director)


TFO makes neither a huge din about its existence nor lies invisible in the background behind other big time fashion brands. Instead the brand makes its presence felt by concentrating on offering exactly what it set out to do

Mr. Muneer Rafik (COO) and Mr. Asif Iqbal (Director)
Mr. Muneer Rafik (COO) and Mr. Asif Iqbal (Director)


The newest branch in Ja-Ela opened on 23rd of July and is located to be the most convenient site for shoppers ranging from Colombo to Negombo. TFO offers customers a pleasant surprise in terms of range and diversity by having a wide variety of fashion in the realm of clothing, accessories, and foot wear for men, women and children. Specializing in casual and formal wear, TFO offers an extensive selection of brands both local and international.  TFO informed us that they operate under the concept of “Quality clothing for a lower price” and so quality is of the utmost importance. These include some of the newest trends in season, chosen especially by the TFO team to give their customers a fresh new collection of products as and when they are released. The fabrics are high quality, the stitching is exact, and the finished products are faultless, further cementing their level of quality assurance.


The residents of Ja-Ela can expect a shopping experience that is relaxed, set in a spacious setting to make browsing simple and easy.


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