T-shirts are some of the most comfortable and laid-back wardrobe choicesthat is both fun and easy to wear, especially in Sri Lanka. Though they are normally considered as a dressed down option, t-shirts can still make a casual and elegant style statement if you take care to dress and match your t-shirts correctly with the right color of pants and shoes as well as picking out the right fit. Here are some tips to help you decide on picking out the right t-shirts:

Choosing the right size and fit

Sometimes, the fabrics used for t-shirts make it very hard to determine an exact size for a t-shirt. So, it’s always better to first consider the fit of the t-shirt. Typically, there are three different fits- Regular, Slim Fit and Big & Tall.


This fit is designed for an average frame and it should never be worn too over-sized or too snug.


This fit is a more tailored cut that tends to curve in at the torso. Remember, a slim-fit shirt should feel tighter around the frame of your body; it shouldn’t stick to your skin. You don’t want to look like you’re wearing a wet suit.

Big & Tall

This fit is made for men who are normally 6’2” tall and they have longer tails and wider waists.

After deciding on the fit you want, you’re next focus should be on the size that will work for you.  Here are some general rules for you to follow when deciding on the size of the t-shirt:

  • On a standard t-shirt, the sleeves should reach halfway between your elbow and shoulder.
  • The shoulder seams should never hang below your shoulder.
  • The bottom of a t-shirt should fall an inch below your waist but no further than the halfway to the bottom of your fly.

Choosing the right color

The basic rule to remember when picking out the right t-shirt color is that light colors highlight and dark color obscure. If you worry about how your upper body looks, it’s better to go with dark colors. If you want to draw attention to your upper body, then opt for lighter colors.

Now that you’ve decided on the spectrum of colors you’d like, decide on the colors that work best for you. Choose colors that match your skin tone and trust your initial reaction because it’ll be the right one. Know the colors that work for you and stick to it.

Matching your t-shirt

The last step is deciding on the colors of your pants and shoes that will match with your t-shirt. Though you should always wear whatever makes you feel good, there are some rules to follow to help you not look like a child dressed up.

– As much as possible, stay away from matching black and brown. Although it can be pulled off with other outfits, it’s difficult to master it tastefully with a t-shirt and pants.

– The same rule applies to black and navy. It’s easier than black and brown but it can be a difficult combination of colors to pull off, particularly if they are the only two colors you are working with.

There is always room for additional options. T-shirts are a very easy wardrobe option to pull off and they only need the basic style and a few sensible options to look good.

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