Girls love to keep up with the latest fashion trends but as they grow older and hit the 20’s, they start investing some time in knowing the basics on what to wear and what not to. Of course, clothes are accentuated with the accessories to glam it up with. Depending on your style and occasion, you can tweak up your outfit with an elegant pair of earrings, delicate chains, a classy wrist watch or a simple ring. And that’s not all- an outfit is truly incomplete without the perfect pair of shoes and a handbag or purse to go along with it. So besides the accessories, here are some wardrobe essentials for every Sri Lankan girl that will inspire you to make a fashion statement.

The silk blouse

Eternally versatile and elegant, nothing can add an element of sophistication for a pair of denims or a skirt than a simple silk blouse. Whether it’s as a formal outfit for a day at work are as a chic option for a night out, silk blouses of any colour or cut has femininity written all over it.

The lacy top

Lace tops have stepped up as a vintage and beautiful outfit and with the right accompaniment, lace tops can really help you make a fashion statement almost effortlessly. With minimal jewelry to go along with its, lace tops are perfect for the Lankan climate as well!

The simple white t-shirt

No wardrobe is complete without a white tee and as far as clothing essentials are concerned, this is the queen. Unbelievably flexible, a simple white tee of a great cut can go just as well with a sequined skirt or simple pants as it would with a pair of faded jeans.

The special-occasion dress

No girl should have a wardrobe without a glitzy statement dress for special occasions. Be it for a fancy party or a night out, a special occasion dress that has been embellished with delicate stones or sequins will bring the glamour queen out in you.

The striped blouse

A fashion stronghold ever since Coco Chanel brought the classic pattern into the fashion industry, striped blouses are now being designed in beautiful colours and cuts. A long-sleeved striped blouse can be worn with practically anything and when thrown over a simple white tee, the effortless elegance it exudes is truly fashion-worthy!

The crisp shirt

It’s amazing how a crisp shirt has a feminine identity of its own. Probably the easiest outfit to pull off, a crisp white shirt is ideally great with a denim or pencil skirt.

The Maxi

There are some days where girls just don’t want to get into a pair of jeans and if so, the maxi dress is the best alternative. Incredibly comfortable and easy to layer up, Maxi dresses are a classic, particularly when it is patterned with vibrant, floral prints.

The formal dress

Ideally a full length dress, formal dresses come in handy during the wedding season. Make sure you go for a formal dress that flatters your complexion and can be accessorized beautifully.

The day dress

When a pair of jeans and t-shirt won’t cut it, a day dress won’t make you feel overdressed for a simple lunch with friends and will certainly be polished option for a dinner out. While day dresses aren’t a special occasion dress, it’s still an elevated alternative for your everyday basics that a girl should have in her wardrobe.

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